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Privacy Policy for

We simply don't collect information on you.

Thanks to Umami, we self-host the website metrics where we only see basic traffic infos. Data is anonymised (no patterns about your activity), and no collection is made from 3rd parties.


We only use a few lines of JavaScript for the navigation bar (on mobile), Bulma CSS, Awesome Fonts library for icons, and that's it!

For any question, send us an email at

Vulnerability disclosure for

We try our best to make this website secure and resilient, however, if you detect a vulnerability, please follow our guidelines first:

  • Do not engage in social engineering,
  • Do not execute or attempt to executeof Service or Resource Exhaustion attacks,
  • Do not introduce malicious software,
  • Do not exfiltrate data.
  • You must:

  • Report us immediatly after the discovery of a vulnerability,
  • Communicate at the email listed below.
  • Scope

  • How to report

    Please send to

    It is strongly recommended that you communicate using our GPG key :